Welcome to HealthyMoms HappyBabies! This blog is dedicated to both telling my fitness story after the birth of my first son as well as to help and inspire other moms to be their best selves for the sake of their families.
I have a passion for fitness and nutrition. I believe that how you move your body and what you put into it have a major influence on your overall health and well being. I know that mom’s have challenges that make it difficult to focus on caring for yourself. When we are so concerned with the well being of families often we leave ourselves on the backburner. Days go by and next thing you know it’s been days, weeks, months (years!) since you last exercised more than picking up the toddler 30 times a day. Sometimes we feed our family nutritious, healthy meals, while we are busy shoving who knows what into our mouth between loads of laundry and diaper changes. We feel run down, frustrated and sometimes overwhelmed with motherhood and can’t imagine finding the time to give a little love to ourselves. When the baby is finally asleep and the toddler has stopped asking for yet another bedtime story, the last thing we want to do is get off the couch and move.
But I am here to tell you, a healthy mom is better able to take care of those around her. When we spend those little moments between temper tantrums and dirty dishes taking just a little care of ourselves, we are able to feel energized and have a little more to give back to those little ones who take so much out of us.

So stick with me, as I navigate through this ocean of motherhood and help you become a little bit better too.