Strong Moms September Reset

Ahhh… Summer. No routine, no rules, all the fun and freedom!

As it should be, everyone deserves a break from the monotony of school, work, rigidity and strict scheduling. Unfortunately for many that also means your fitness routine completely falls by the wayside. Which is fine! There are more important things in life than getting a certain number of workouts in every. single. week. until you die. I am all for taking a break, letting things go and just living life.

That being said, around September when the kids head back to school, and the majority of the world is finished with vacations and camping, we all crave it a bit of routine and structure in our lives. I know I do!That’s where the Strong Moms September Reset comes in! It is a small group online training program, meant to get you into the routine of working out regularly and feeling good in your body. It will be 6 weeks of twice weekly workouts (delivered
via the Trainerize app), with weekly live coaching calls.

This level of service for my online 1:1 clients would be over $450 – but because it is a group setting I am offering it for only $79 – that’s over an 80% discount! PLUS you’ll get the accountability of daily check ins in a private forum within the Trainerize app to remain accountable to not only me, but your peers as well! The best part? I am only enrolling TWELVE women. That’s it! Once the spots fill up, they’re gone!

Interested? Email me and let me know ASAP, because like I said – once they’re gone, they’re gone.