April 26, 2018

I’ve had women tell me they leak when running to first base, or when they jump to hit a volleyball, or when they take a hit in football.

I had a woman tell me she felt like her uterus was going to fall out or that air was getting trapped inside when running down the soccer field.

I even had one women confess she started wearing diapers to play because she just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

These are the women this workshop is for. I want you to be confident that your core and pelvic floor is going to support you while you play the sport you love.

Team sports are so beneficial for the mind and soul. The camaraderie and social aspect of being on a team is hard to match.

I don’t want you to give that up because they are leaking or having pain.

I want to help you!

Core Confidence

This workshop is designed for women who love to participate in sport, but may have some core & pelvic floor concerns that are holding them back. For women who are pregnant, recently postpartum, with prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction (urine leaks, diastasis recti), back pain, just don’t feel right in their body since having children or just want to maximize the power and function of their central core to help them perform their best.

Certificate of Completion

When you’re out on the field there is SO much going on its hard to troubleshoot issues by yourself. And most women don’t even know where to start when it comes to figuring out why the leak when they swing a baseball bat or serve a volleyball or make a tackle in football. There’s so much at play! And just know it is NOT NORMAL to leak when playing any sport, even if you’ve had 1, 2 heck even 10 kids!

I will guide you through all things core and pelvic floor, teach good alignment and breathing along with body mechanics of sport and tailor it to each sport attendees love.

The workshop will be hosted at Built Strong Athletics in Okotoks and the cost is $25 per person


Please email for more information!